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CPSIA Testing
2015/3/2 12:25:48

iTC is one of the fastest testing laboratories in Asia and can provide testing results within 2-3 working days.

Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act 2008 (CPSIA) was signed into law on 14 August 2008 by US President George W. Bush. Its a stronger requirement about the harmful matter in the field of US consumer product, especially the product for children. According to CPSIA, total lead content in coatings and paint will be reduced to 90 ppm gradually, add the requirement about total lead content of touchable substrate and reduce it from 600ppm to 100ppm gradually, and unify the regulation on PAEs for all US states and require toys safety standards more seriously.

Relevant definition

"Childrens product" means consumer product designed or intended primarily for children 12 years of age or younger.

"Childrens toy" means a consumer product designed or intended by the manufacturer for a child 12 years of age or younger for use by the child when the child plays.

"Child care article" means a consumer product designed or intended by the manufacturer to facilitate sleep or the feeding of children age 3 and younger, or to help such children with sucking or teething.

"Toys that can be placed in childs mouth" means a toys can be placed in a childs mouth if any part of the toy can actually be brought to the mouth and kept in the mouth by a childs mouth by a child so that it can be sucked and chewed. If a toy or part of a toy in any dimension is smaller than 5cm, it is considered as being able to be placed in the mouth

Regulation about lead in childrens product and coatings

Lead in surface coating: from 600 ppm to 90 ppm on 14 Aug. 2009.

Lead in substrate:

600 ppm on 10 Feb., 2009

300 ppm on 14 August 2009

100 ppm on 14 August 2011(if technologically feasible)

Requirement on limited value of Phthalates








Limited value

Toys(can’t be placed in the mouth)

Each substance shall not be <0.1%

Toys(can be placed in mouth)

Child care article

According to CPSIA, the products importing to US must have a qualification by manufacturers and importers certifying product is in compliance with standards and regulations applicable to the product. And mandatory accredited third party testing for certain childrens product.


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