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Textiles Clothes Testing
2015/3/2 12:30:23

In order to adapt to the changes of mandatory regulations from importing countries and to meet increasing expectation for high quality from purchasers, it is necessary to perform tests to conform with regulations and quality test, which has far-reaching significance for importers to reduce risks, defend their interests and guarantee for consumers’ safety.

iTC, in accordance with OEKO-Tex Standard 100/200、GB18401、AATCC、ASTM、ISO、JIS、EN, provides professional tests service for Textiles and Clothing.

Textiles/Clothes Test Category

Textile Decoration

Towels、Handkerchiefs、Headscarves、Decorative Towels、Curtains、Decorative、Bed Covers、Bed Sheets、Quilt Cover、Blanket、Pillow Case


Sewing Thread、Elastic Belt、Collar Lining、Interlining、Knitted Garments、Gloves, Socks


Ecological Textile

Textiles/Clothes Test Item:

Hexavalent chromium test、Heavy metal test、pH test、Formaldehyde content test、Organotin test、Chlorinated phenols test、AZO test、Ortho-phenylphenol test、Dimethylfumarate test、Disperse /carcinogenic /Allergenous Disperse dyestuffs test……

Colourfastness Test:Colorfastness crocking Dry/wet 、Colorfastness Perspiration 、Colorfastness saliva 、colorfastness Resistance water-soaked 、Bleach fastness 、Colorfastness Sea Water 、Colorfastness Light
Strength Test & Function Test: Tensile strength and elongation 、Tear Strength 、Peel Strength 、Seam Strength 、Bursting Strength 、Abrasion Resistance、Pilling resistance 、Water repellency 、Air permeability 、Dimensional stability
Fibre Content Analysis

Textiles/Clothes Test Standards:

International Standards: ISO、European Union Standards: EN、China Standards: GB and SN、Japanese Standards: JIS、American Standards: AATCC, ASTM、Britain Standards: BS、German Standards: DIN、Others Standards……

CPST offer garment testing at our CNAS accredited laboratory. CPST is one of the fastest testing laboratories in Asia and our aim is to deliver results within 2-3 working days. 


Inspection Testing Center Technology Co., LTD